Your Morgan Creek Home Stats for Feb 2, 2018

Your Morgan Creek Home Stats for Feb 2, 2018








Happy Friday everyone! Time to take a look at what’s been happening since last week in Morgan Creek.

New Listings & Sales:

No homes sold in the past week, but there were 3 new listings for attached homes, all townhouses, as well as 3 new listings for detached homes. The townhouses start close to $528,000 with the highest priced new listing at about $1,800,000. The detached houses are fairly close in price, ranging from around $1,640,000 to $1,980,000

Total Homes:

With those new listings included, there are a total of 54 homes for sale at the moment in Morgan Creek – 10 of them being townhouses and 44 being detached houses.

They have all been on the market for an average of 86 days.

Pricing & Budgeting:

To get into a detached home in the Morgan Creek area, you would need a budget of between $998,000 to close to $10,000,000. If you’re looking at a townhouse, your budget would be between $528,000 to a bit under $2,000,000. Even with growing costs in the detached housing market, the lower end of these awesome townhouses are still a great price!

Come on over to Morgan Creek and take a look! It’s not hard to fall in love with all of these great homes.


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