Your Morgan Creek Homes Stats for November 24, 2017

Your Morgan Creek Homes Stats for November 24, 2017


Happy Friday!

So what has been happening in Morgan Creek for home sales in the last few weeks you ask? Well fear not! We are here to your rescue.

Let’s start with some basics…

There are currently 56 active detached home listings available for sale in Morgan Creek. The average days on market for those homes is 74 days, a huge difference from about 1 year ago. You can still sneak into the area for about $875,000 (a smaller home closer to Rosemary Heights) and the most expensive home is a whopping $9,980,000 currently.

Let’s talk whats sold now…

4 homes…

Not a ton right? This likely has a little to do with the new ‘stress test’ being introduced starting next year. We think it has a few people spooked. Let’s see what happens though.

3 homes in the last 30 days sold between $1,650,000 and $1,850,000 with the 4th around $3,250,000. The average time to sell for these 4 homes was 114 days. Incredible.

For the latest information on specific home sales in Morgan Creek, or anything else Morgan Creek related, always feel free to call or email us. We are happy to help 🙂

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